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  Date Competetion Rotating Category Assignment Location Program Comment
01/18/2018 Monthly Meeting Animals/Fauna Happiness Victoria College Library Lightroom to Photoshop - Mary Gail Moody 7 PM
02/15/2018 Monthly Meeting Birds Security (no people) Victoria College Library   7 PM
03/15/2018 Monthly Meeting Buildings/Structures Curves Victoria College Library   7 PM
04/19/2018 Monthly Meeting Close Up / Macro Textures To Be Determined   7 PM
05/17/2018 Monthly Meeting Creative Spring TBD   7 PM
06/21/2018 Monthly Meeting Mini-Annual Competition Print Competition TBD Mini-Annual Competition 7 PM
07/19/2018 Monthly Meeting Flowers/Plants Speed TBD   7 PM
08/16/2018 Monthly Meeting NA NA Victoria Mall Annual Competition Display 7 PM
09/20/2018 Monthly Meeting Landscape/Scenic Feisty TBD   7 PM
10/18/2018 Monthly Meeting Miscellaneous Superstitions TBD   7 PM
12/20/2018 Christmas Party NA NA TBD Christmas Party